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Topic subjectBobby Brown with babyface or Bobby brown with Teddy Riley
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2671065, Bobby Brown with babyface or Bobby brown with Teddy Riley
Posted by mistermaxxx08, Wed Dec-31-69 07:00 PM
so lets see Teddy RIley is the King of Hip Hop Production as is Babyface and they each incorporated Hip Hop into there musical gumbo of R&B and Pop.

Bobby Brown also as a Artist has these elements as well.

matter of fact Bobby Brown, Teddy and Babyface paved the way for bridging the gap of Hip Hop,R&B and Pop as One.

but which team did you dig more and why?

I wish Bobby Brown could come back again because he has been Missed musically.

i got a new song called "the Gumby" as a tribute that I'm working on. bringing the Gumby and the New jack Swang Back.

Poll question: Bobby Brown with babyface or Bobby brown with Teddy Riley

Poll result (14 votes)
Bobby with Face (2 votes)Vote
Bobby with TR (3 votes)Vote
Both (2 votes)Vote
neither (7 votes)Vote
depends on DOn't be cruel 80's (0 votes)Vote
depends on Bobby album 90's (0 votes)Vote


2671076, Bobby with Teddy...
Posted by jaybennie, Wed Mar-07-12 09:15 PM
...didn't mind his stuff with babyface, but i believe bobby was too young to be messing with a mature sound. no slight on him, but his antics, back then, speaks for itself.
2671123, Face
Posted by catalyst, Thu Mar-08-12 12:23 AM
Rock Witcha
Every Little Step
Don't Be Cruel

his best work....
2671174, Both. They both made Don't Be Cruel great.
Posted by Dr Claw, Thu Mar-08-12 09:08 AM
2671477, right here
Posted by johnblaze, Fri Mar-09-12 12:48 AM
2671457, Teddy
Posted by Record Playa, Thu Mar-08-12 11:37 PM

I gotta go by playing the Bobby cd the most

Tilt - Arcade Funk
2671518, well
Posted by ninjitsu, Fri Mar-09-12 09:31 AM
on don't be cruel

babyface did don't be cruel, roni, rock wit'cha, every little step
and teddy did my prerogative and i'll be good to you (though maybe this one is more gene griffin?)

so even though my prerogative is probably the best song on the album, you'd have to give babyface the edge due to quantity as well as quality.

on bobby

babyface did humpin' around, good enough, pretty little girl

teddy did damn near everything else, and it was all pretty good including bobby's duet with whitney, we got something in common

but i think babyface got him beat on the standout songs, but the standard of quality and quantity should give teddy the edge on this album.

overall, i think it's probably too close to call. maybe i'd give babyface the edge in a photo finish.