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Topic subjectBruno's Just The Way You Are = Alicia's Doesn't Mean Anything, right?
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2670887, Bruno's Just The Way You Are = Alicia's Doesn't Mean Anything, right?
Posted by aScribe, Wed Mar-07-12 03:03 PM
I realize this is (relatively) old news and may have even been discused here before (although, I don't remember seeing it), but hearing Bruno Mars' "Just The Way You Are" the other day made me remember that after the first few times I heard it, I thought the chord structure was eerily similar, if not the same, as Alicia Keys' "Doesn't Mean Anything."

I can't remember which came first (or which was released first, I should say). And I know similar musical thoughts can occur independently from one another. But you could swap melody (verses and chorus) for either song and they'd fit seamlessly atop the other for the most part.

No agenda here. Just posting my observation (late, but still).

For comparison, see links below.

Mars: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LjhCEhWiKXk

Keys: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oLclkP9x_68
2670891, Alicia came first
Posted by CMcMurtry, Wed Mar-07-12 03:08 PM
2670933, I knew (thought) I'd heard Alicia's first...
Posted by aScribe, Wed Mar-07-12 04:05 PM
I just wanted to be fair in my assessment. Thanks.
2671229, Interestingly, the Bruno joint was intended to be a rap single
Posted by CMcMurtry, Thu Mar-08-12 12:00 PM
Albeit a soft-as-shit one.

Producer Needlz made it for Lupe and they (Atlantic I imagine) got Bruno Mars on the hook. Bruno kept it and the rest is history.
2671166, BTW, I realize there's a key and tempo difference between the two songs...
Posted by aScribe, Thu Mar-08-12 08:39 AM
But I think my argument still stands.
2671295, Both are known Jack Artists, however i like Bruno more
Posted by mistermaxxx08, Thu Mar-08-12 02:49 PM
as a Writer,though he still is working out the kinks as a Solo Artist and maybe he is on the right path. we shall hear.