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Topic subjectRE: Kokomo Arnold (as Gitfiddle Jim) - Paddlin' Madeleine Blues
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2671258, RE: Kokomo Arnold (as Gitfiddle Jim) - Paddlin' Madeleine Blues
Posted by Garhart Poppwell, Thu Mar-08-12 01:12 PM

>some of the most amazing stuff I've ever heard

yeah man that shit is wild to me
funny thing about him, and most bluesmen of his era, is that they had to drag carry them to the stu; in his case probably moreso than others, the didn't give a fuck about being a star or no shit like that because he liked his money quick
he even looks like a 'iont give a fuck' type of old dude from what I hear he was quite the character

>but yeah, the origins of slide in blues is something I've
>never read a distinct treatise on and would like to see.
>Popular thought has it as an American expression of African
>instrumental techniques, but when Handy first heard it he
>described it as being in the Hawaiian style. Either way imho
>it's probably a confluence of influences, like jsut about
>Speaking of Hawaiian style, though... I'm also a fan of
>not-blues guitarist Roy Smeck... a lot of his most famous
>stuff is on ukelele
>(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RcQYt7xvA8M... the old cameras
>can't even keep up with dude's hands) but he was great at
>about anything with strings.

Smeck was something else, he was sooooooo efficient with what he did, and he had style with it too

>it's crazy that in terms of the record market, I've read that
>"Hawaiian" music outsold every other style in the 1920s.

yeah that style ruled the charts and the dance halls too
people were crazy for that shit, a lot of those bluesmen had quite the niche market for themselves and it was considered 'grown folk' shit by the time big band and swing really got moving