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Posted by lonesome_d, Wed Mar-07-12 10:19 AM
a recording some of you might find interesting is the 1941/2 LOC recordings... we tend to think of Delta blues as as solo guitarist's medium, and it's true that House's commercial records (both from 1930 and from the folk revival period) were all solo guitar.

But these sessions (recorded by Alan Lomax) have House with 'his' band of the period - harp, mandolin, and backup guitar by Willie Brown. They're cool because they're the only recordings of him in a group setting (far as I know, anyway). They're also cool historically because of the instrumentation - a midway point between rural Black string bands and urban blues combos. And of course they're a lot of fun - aside from the background noise, the band sounds relaxed, stretching out on some of the tunes and ribbing and/or shouting encouragement, making for some great ad-libs.

Walking Blues: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q9rwsnPJ7aw