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Topic subjecttop 5 MJB songs OAT.
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2670615, top 5 MJB songs OAT.
Posted by Binlahab, Tue Mar-06-12 08:14 PM
5) share my world

4) i found my everything

3) be w/o u

2) dont leave me

1) i love u

2670617, RE: top 5 MJB songs OAT.
Posted by aolhater, Tue Mar-06-12 08:30 PM
my number #1
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZX3wwbFi_iI seven days ft george benson

the rest is interchangable

2670619, RE: top 5 MJB songs OAT.
Posted by spidey, Tue Mar-06-12 08:34 PM
...greatness...damn I miss the old Mary....so much passion/heart in those songs...
2670654, Never Wanna Live Without You (#1)
Posted by Record Playa, Tue Mar-06-12 10:51 PM

Tilt - Arcade Funk
2670940, RE: Never Wanna Live Without You (#1)
Posted by spidey, Wed Mar-07-12 04:11 PM
2670962, Fuck Yes!!
Posted by King Tuck, Wed Mar-07-12 04:49 PM
2670808, sort of on-topic, sort of off...
Posted by Dr Claw, Wed Mar-07-12 12:43 PM
...does anyone remember the song that she had as a single/video around 2002-03 with the snap/pop bass going on?
2670825, lol you don't remember any lyrics at all?
Posted by CherNic, Wed Mar-07-12 12:57 PM
2671833, just the spirit of the song...
Posted by Dr Claw, Sat Mar-10-12 10:06 AM
I remember the lyrics were kind of imperative.

I found it! It's "Not Today".


2671022, Its Either "Love @ 1st Sight" Or "Ooh!"
Posted by Harlepolis, Wed Mar-07-12 06:23 PM
The latter video was shelved(I think),,,


2670823, RE: top 5 MJB songs OAT.
Posted by ACIDSE7EN, Wed Mar-07-12 12:55 PM
>4) i found my everything

I love this song, its very underrated in her catalog.
2671089, RE: top 5 MJB songs OAT.
Posted by cloak323, Wed Mar-07-12 09:51 PM
My Life

The Love I Never Had

Work That

I Love You

(can't decide between these)
You Remind Me

Love No Limit

Honorary Inductee:
Not Gon Cry

2671498, "I Never Wanna Live Without You" w/Faith Evans from My Life
Posted by J-Elijah, Fri Mar-09-12 05:10 AM
The underrated epic "I Never Wanna Live Without You" featuring background vocals by Faith Evans from My Life is my #1 favorite MJB song. I listen to this song almost everyday.

2671505, ...
Posted by Crash Bandacoot, Fri Mar-09-12 08:11 AM
love no limit
sweet thing
it's on
i don't want to do anything
i love you


"It is better to be silent and thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt"
2671545, All Things: My Life
Posted by RaphaelSoulLee, Fri Mar-09-12 11:30 AM
oooWWWEEE, that takes a brotha back...Freshman Year, MSU