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2670457, The Refugee Camp
Posted by Justin_Maldonado_7, Tue Mar-06-12 11:12 AM
>This should be interesting. What CREW has the most Classic
>LP's to you? If this has been done, sorry in advance. Here are
>the choices
>1. Wu Tang Camp
>2. The NWA Camp (Ice Cube and Dr Dre included)
>3. The Native Tongues Camp
>4. Bootcamp Click Camp
>5. The Young Money Camp
>6. DITC Camp
>7. The Organized Noise Camp
>8. The Ruff Ryders Camp
>9. The No Limit Camp
>10. The Juice Crew Camp
>If I missed any, add on. To you, which camp had the most
>classic albums and better overall music? All of these camps in
>their own right has some great LP's and a movement.
>**I lean towards The Native Tongues because of Tribe and De La
>but I also see what NWA and Wu Tang has done as well.
>When I think of NWA Camp LP's
>1. The Chronic
>2. Chronic 2001
>3. America's Most Wanted
>4. The Death Certificate
>5. Straight Out Of Compton
>6. Lethal Injection
>7. Doggystyle
>but I lean toward:
>1. People Instinctive Travels
>2. 3 Feet High and Rising
>3. Low End Theory
>4. Midnight Marauders
>5. Stakes is High
>6. De la Soul is Dead
>7. Beats, Rhymes and Life
>8. Straight Out The Jungle
>1. 36 Chambers
>2. Forever
>3. Ironman
>4. Cuban Linx
>5. Liquid Swords
>6. Tical
>7. Return of The 36 Chambers
>Those might be the best 3 to me but I will lean towards Native
>for post sake...