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Topic subject1. Native 2. Wu 3. NWA 4. Dungeon Family
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2669827, 1. Native 2. Wu 3. NWA 4. Dungeon Family
Posted by DVS, Fri Mar-02-12 03:52 PM
Native: Straight Out the Jungle, Low End Theory, Midnight Marauders, 3 Feet High, De La Soul is Dead, Buhloone Mindstate, Stakes Is High....and more if you include Busta Rhymes Work

Wu: Enter the 36, Return to 36, Ironman, Cuban Linx, Liquid Swords, Supreme Clientele, Forever

NWA: Straight Outta Compton, Niggaz4Life, Easy-Duz-It, The Chronic, No One Can Do It Better, Amerikka, Death Certificate

Dungeon: SPCM, ATLiens, Soul Food, Still Standing, Aquemini