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Topic subjectand just because it would be wrong not too...
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2669792, and just because it would be wrong not too...
Posted by HIM, Fri Mar-02-12 02:42 PM
I must add...

THE D.O.C-No One Can Do It Better
NWA- N4Life

to this list

>When I think of NWA Camp LP's
>1. The Chronic
>2. Chronic 2001
>3. America's Most Wanted
>4. The Death Certificate
>5. Straight Out Of Compton
>6. Lethal Injection
>7. Doggystyle

But to answer your initial question, I'd have to say it all boils down to what your perspective is and what type of music you dig most.

I'd say Native Tongues but i'd never argue with anyone who said NWA or WU.

Now if someone said maybe DITC or Bootcamp Click or No Limit, i'd have to shake my head simply because as someone mentioned before, WU, NWA and Native Tongues are top 3 for sure.

That should be a given for most who are familiar with that era.