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Topic subjectWhat CREW/CAMP has the most Classic LP's to you?
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2669497, What CREW/CAMP has the most Classic LP's to you?
Posted by Thanes1975, Thu Mar-01-12 10:24 PM
This should be interesting. What CREW has the most Classic LP's to you? If this has been done, sorry in advance. Here are the choices

1. Wu Tang Camp
2. The NWA Camp (Ice Cube and Dr Dre included)
3. The Native Tongues Camp
4. Bootcamp Click Camp
5. The Young Money Camp
6. DITC Camp
7. The Organized Noise Camp
8. The Ruff Ryders Camp
9. The No Limit Camp
10. The Juice Crew Camp

If I missed any, add on. To you, which camp had the most classic albums and better overall music? All of these camps in their own right has some great LP's and a movement.

**I lean towards The Native Tongues because of Tribe and De La but I also see what NWA and Wu Tang has done as well.

When I think of NWA Camp LP's
1. The Chronic
2. Chronic 2001
3. America's Most Wanted
4. The Death Certificate
5. Straight Out Of Compton
6. Lethal Injection
7. Doggystyle

but I lean toward:

1. People Instinctive Travels
2. 3 Feet High and Rising
3. Low End Theory
4. Midnight Marauders
5. Stakes is High
6. De la Soul is Dead
7. Beats, Rhymes and Life
8. Straight Out The Jungle


1. 36 Chambers
2. Forever
3. Ironman
4. Cuban Linx
5. Liquid Swords
6. Tical
7. Return of The 36 Chambers

Those might be the best 3 to me but I will lean towards Native for post sake...