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Topic subjectthey just started feeling hollow and selfish...
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2662969, they just started feeling hollow and selfish...
Posted by philpot, Thu Feb-16-12 12:35 PM
and i started thinking, like i said above, that im just not entitled to steal someone's product they are selling bc i can and want to

cats are putting in time and work to make these tunes, if i like the music and they need to get paid off it who am i to just steal it? how can i enjoy "owning" this artist's work if i havent invested a few bucks in the artist themself and helped them out the same way they provide me joy and entertainment w/ their tunes?

ESPECIALLY since most of the artists i love are indie grinders who need fan support to keep from stopping and having to get a 9-5?

AND so much legit free shit anyway, seems petty to take the shit that they are askin $ dor too