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2657724, this here:
Posted by El_essence, Fri Feb-03-12 04:41 PM

>There is a healthy middle section and that's where I reside.
>I have praised him in every post as well as commented on
>certain weaknesses.
>Also, I didn't do it as much as others so I'm a little
>interested in why I'm getting singled out? lol...

I addressed it in my other response. The extreme opinions from extreme posters scream attention seeker to the point where I don't even read them. On BOTH sides. Your posts caught my attention because just seemed like an extreme amount of attention placed on something when the rest of your opinions were balanced. Best way to say it I think is Maxx's criticism is akin to a face full of pimples that major skin treatment couldn't even fix. Yours is a basically clear face with a big ass pimple on it. I'm clearisil lol

But it's all good. As much back and forth as this has brought on, I'm not that pressed about it and I know you're not. Just want to hear good music.