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Topic subjectI hear you but this is why I compared them
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2657696, I hear you but this is why I compared them
Posted by Artful Dodger, Fri Feb-03-12 03:48 PM
having studio work on guitar is one thing

however taking the stage to play solo's that are being clowned on - that's lil wayne. I mean at the least someone in Wayne's camp should have said "fam you can't play". In d's case someone should have said "ayo, holding down the rhythm - that might work cause that's basic - but leave the solos alone".

Bottom line? He's not ready for solos. That's all. Considering all the D posts are now dead if anything I'm just trying to keep the spirit alive - but I'm going to be honest either way so.

Yes I have criticized his guitar playing - only cause they were pushing that as some amazing feature on Zappas level. Hardly.

However like i said - if they stay away from that which is nothing more than a gimmick - allow the man to be himself, stop trying to have one man satisfy all your parliament and Prince fantasies (not you, just in general) then shit should be cool.

however I have also praised a healthy amount of his show, his voice, and his keys playing.

It may be an issue of what one chooses to respond to - that's all.