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Topic subjectThis is a bit much
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2657531, This is a bit much
Posted by El_essence, Fri Feb-03-12 10:39 AM

>You know he'll be on Fallon soon enough so the last thing you
>want is another Lil Wayne guitar solo.
>The funny part was all the - "and not that clean shit, that
>Lauryn Hill shit" - well folks, Lauryn is a much much better
>guitarist in 2000 than D is right now.

I don't know why you're on this crusade. But simply saying he's not a good enough player to solo is enough. Unless I missed it, I've never seen lauryn play anything
more intricate than her unplugged stuff. D's playing outside of the solos was on par with that at least. Without the solos, he at least looks the part.