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Topic subjectD'angelo should not have any kind of solo - seriously
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2657423, D'angelo should not have any kind of solo - seriously
Posted by Artful Dodger, Fri Feb-03-12 12:21 AM
let Jess do his job and save this tour - not that the tour has failed cause it hasn't (hi haters haha)

But the truth is D is simply not proficient enough for a solo.

Learning guitar in public is not a good look considering ppl are saying 12 years to learn guitar but that's hardly true.

She's Always In My Hair has him listed as the guitarist and
wasn't he playing guitar in one of the Brown Sugar videos?

So that would imply about 17 years - definitely not his strong suit.

Anyway, I love Jj - bad motherfucker so having him is a great move.

Oh and I don't think that's Jess, Jess has been back for like one show and I don't think a vid from like 4=5 days ago would be him but I could be wrong.

Stick the keys and vocals D. No diss my brother - just a concerned friend as always.