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Topic subjectThe Weekend/MJ- Dirty Diana mashup
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2643994, The Weekend/MJ- Dirty Diana mashup
Posted by jaywonder, Thu Dec-29-11 03:47 AM

2644121, how did you like the og remake?
Posted by Hellyeah, Thu Dec-29-11 01:38 PM

2644175, Initially, I really liked it, but now I'm on the fence
Posted by jaywonder, Thu Dec-29-11 04:23 PM
IMO, it's very bold to remake a Michael Jackson post Motown song ESPECIALLY one like Dirty Diana

while it's really good with it's "Loft party R&B" feel, it doesn't have the power and anger Michael's original exhibited. When the '87 version, you almost feel like it was a real experience

plus The Weeknd's vocals giving out during the last line which is the ultimate twist, was not a good look

2644185, cool...i was curious to know your opinion about it
Posted by Hellyeah, Thu Dec-29-11 05:09 PM
2644140, RE: The Weekend/MJ- Dirty Diana mashup
Posted by Mr Tan, Thu Dec-29-11 02:29 PM

His remake was ok. Make me want to listen to MJs version immediately not just to compare but to just enjoy MJs' greatness again.
2644216, damn...
Posted by Dr Claw, Thu Dec-29-11 06:37 PM
this really makes me miss Mike

2644259, Barry Gibb released a video of their 2002 sessions, THAT right there
Posted by jaywonder, Thu Dec-29-11 08:32 PM
made me sad because you can see him really enjoying himself...2 months before everything got really bad :(

2644322, just shows how much stronger Mike's voice is
Posted by xangeluvr, Fri Dec-30-11 02:35 AM
while certain parts definitely sound similar and i can see where people are comparing, this side by side really shows that Mike's voice blows thw Weeknd's out the water.

i like Weeknd's version, but compared the original? c'mon, son.