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Topic subjectThe T.R.O.Y. blog presents 100 forgotten Hip Hop favorites {dl}
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2628136, The T.R.O.Y. blog presents 100 forgotten Hip Hop favorites {dl}
Posted by guru0509, Tue Nov-15-11 03:02 PM

track listing for volume 1

Track List

Seagram feat. Scarface, Ganksta N-I-P and Willie D “Action Speaks Louder Than Words”
Produced by: Mark Anthony and Troy White
Appears on: The Dark Roads (1993, Rap-A-Lot Records)
Description: Off Seagram’s debut album The Dark Roads, this track featuring the legendary Geto Boys is certain to get your head nodding. Also, J. Prince calls out Dr. Dre in a not so subtle way on the intro. — Magneto

KRS-One “Ah Yeah (Diamond Rhodes Remix)”
Producer: Diamond D
Appears On: Various Hot Traxx (1995, Hot Traxx)

Divine Styler “Ain’t Sayin’ Nothin’”
Produced by: Bilal Bashir and Divine Styler
Appears On: Word Power (1989, Epic/Rhyme Syndicate Records)
Description: Divine Styler was down with Ice-T’s Rhyme Syndicate, and his music was simultaneously danceable, abstract, and politically conscious. “Ain’t Sayin’ Nothin” is one of his greatest moments; hardcore Blackalicious fans will recognize a gem at the start of the second verse. — Thun

Rufus Black feat. The LOX “Artifacts of Life”
Produced by: Chad “Dr. Ceuss” Elliot
Appears on: Credentials (1998, Perspective Records)
Description: This track is a classic example of different styles meshing perfectly as all four MCs give their perspectives on the street life. — Magneto

Style “The Assassinator”
Produced by: The Hollywood Impact
Appears on: In Tone We Trust (1990 Select Records)
Description: This is one of those Public Enema, err Enemy-styled songs that might have stoked the anger of Mr. Strickland from House Party. – Thun

Gumbo “Basement Music”
Produced by: Speech (Arrested Development)
Appears on: Dropping Soulful H20 On The Fiber (1993, Chrysalis)
Description: The apprentices outshine their teacher, as Milwaukee’s Gumbo deliver a harder, more palatable version of Arrested Development’s earthy “life music” vibe. Fans of LA’s Log Cabin should recognize this beat. — Thun

100x “Beyond The Door (Alternate Street Version)”
Produced by: LE Square
Appears on: Rare and Unreleased 1992-1996 (2009, Freestyle Records)

Lil Kim “Big Momma Thang (Remix)”
Producer: Stretch Armstrong
Appears On: Back To Back (1996)
Description: You can’t go wrong with the original 2Pac and Faith Evans disses intact plus an infamous Love Unlimited Orchestra sample. — Thun

Mental Giants (Akbar and DJ Parker Lee) “Bronx N Back”
Produced by: DJ Parker Lee
Appears on: (Unreleased Demo, 1994)

Rappin’ Ron and Ant Diddley Dog “Buster Free”
Produced by: Cell Block Productions
Appears on: Bad N-Fluenz (1995, Cell Block Records)
Description: The lyricists from the legendary Bay Area group Bad-N-Fluenz click (now defunct due to the untimely passing of Rappin’ Ron) just want to be buster-free. — Magneto

Ill Distracxion “Calm Wit Datrom”
Produced by: Peter Hayles
Appears on: “No M.C.s” / “Calm Wit Datrom” VLS (1996)

Ras Kass “Capital RAS”
Produced by: Bird
Appears on: Soul On Ice Demo (1995, Unreleased)

Steady B “Certified Dope”
Produced by: Lawrence Goodman
Appears on: Let The Hustlers Play (Jive, 1998)

Just Ro feat. Common Sense “Confusion”
Produced by: Just-Ro
Appears on: “Confusion” / “Souldiers” (1996, D.A.L. Records)

Al Tariq “Crime Pays”
Produced by: Beatnuts
Appears on: God Connections (1996, Correct Records)
Description: This tale of the crime side was already two-thirds dope the moment you heard the Raekwon and Christopher Walken (King of New York) samples, and then Kool Fash just finishes it off. — Philaflava

Main One feat. Smoothe The Hustler and Trigga The Gambler “Cross Examination”
Producer: Tic
Appears On: “Something Special” / “Cross Examination” VLS (1997, Main One Recordings)

Da Fat Cat Clique feat. EST, The Man They Call Lux and Rugged Ruff “Da Flow”
Produced by: RuggedNess
Appears on: Da Cat’s Out Da Bag (1996, DFCC)

Odd Squad “Da Squad”
Produced by: DJ Styles and Mike Dean
Appears on: Fadanuf Fa Erybody (1994, Rap-A-Lot Records)

Scaramanga feat. Scholarwise “Death Letter (Remix)”
Produced by: Godfather Don
Appears on: Seven Eyes, Seven Horns (1998, Sun Large Music)
Description: Using a moniker borrowed from The Man with the Golden Gun, Sir Menelik along with Scholarwise and indie legend Godfather Don borrow this now infamous beat (“The Edge”) from David McCallum. — Philaflava

K-Otix feat. DJ Cash Money “Do You Wanna Be An MC?”
Produced by: Russell Gonzalez
Appears on: “Do You Wanna Be An MC” / “7 MC’s” Pt II” (1998, K-Otix Entertainment)
Description: Hailing from H-Town, members Damien, Micah, The ARE and Philly’s own DJ Cash Money combine to create this Rawkus-friendly ’98 underground hit. — Philaflava

K-Solo “Drums Of Death”
Produced by: Parrish “PMD” Smith
Appears on: Tell The World My Name (1990, Atlantic)

CRU feat. Ras Kass “The Ebonic Plague”
Produced by: Yogi
Appears on: Da Dirty 30 (1997, Violator Records)
Description: We all know who stole the show and by the end we all were taken, literally. “I’m abductin’ muthafuckin’ rappers to my inner space station–fa sheezy!” — Philaflava

Young Zee feat. Pacewon and Slang Ton “Electric Chair”
Produced by: ???
Appears on: Musical Meltdown (unreleased, intended for release in 1996 on Perspective Records)
Description: A hard to find (especially the full five minute plus version) but worthwhile gem from Young Zee’s unreleased Musical Meltdown album. This is a classic example of the New Jersey-based Outsidaz at their apex: funny, gritty, lyrical, and committed to making sure that all biting MCs get the electric chair. — Magneto

Kam “Every Single Weekend”
Produced by: DJ Pooh and Rashad Coes
Appears on: Various Boyz N The Hood (Music From The Motion Picture) (1991, Qwest Records)

King Sun “Fat Tape”
Produced by: 45 King
Appears on: XL (1989, Zakia)
Description: Don’t fuck with New Jersey, specifically a 45 King break paired with King Sun’s legendary vocal precision. The title says it all. — Thun

Freddie Gibbs - Cold Day In Hell
LEP Bogus Boys/DJ Green Lantern - Now Or Neva
Pete Rock - NY's Finest