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Topic subjectRE: I made a post about how dope that album was and
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2621980, RE: I made a post about how dope that album was and
Posted by Ishwip, Mon Oct-31-11 09:14 AM
>it tanked.

I woulda been in there if I saw it.

>I thought is was a great record. That Nottz joint was crazy.
>I also liked SNW's Reloaded and I really like Monumental as
>maybe that's just because those albums are true to their sound
>and a lot of people are past that?
>I don't know but I liked all of those albums.

Yeah, I guess it might be that.

"Total Eclipse" and "War Zone" both had that thick boom-bap I still love.

"Reloaded" was really good, too.

"Monumental" I only listened to once and it didn't stick at the time, but I'll revisit at some point. It came out around the time I had a lot of other stuff in rotation.

I don't like the beat anymore because its just a loop. ALC didn't FLIP IT ENOUGH!

Flip it enough? Flip these. Flip off. Go flip some f*cking burgers.(c)Kno

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