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Topic subjectThe exact same one.
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2618029, The exact same one.
Posted by Dr Claw, Fri Oct-21-11 12:03 PM
>insinuated in the rumor about Rick Springfield?
>By the NKOTB era I was so anti-pop that anything surrounding
>them probably went under my radar.

Unfortunately at the time I could not escape them/talk of them. They were like Bieber is now to parents of young girls...

that one rumor did make me laugh.

>As far as the Gere rumor, your connections here from way back
>may recall that Philadelphia had its own version of that with
>Jerry Penacoli, then a local TV personality. Incidentally, a
>good friend of mine is a doc who swears that the Penacoli
>incident was actually true as treatment was sought at his
>a rather funny read on the subject:

LMAO. That's crazy.