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Topic subjectI was unaware that these 2 lp's existed
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2671600, I was unaware that these 2 lp's existed
Posted by k_orr, Fri Mar-09-12 02:02 PM
>Malice in Wonderland: Some tracks were an obvious response to
>Jerkin, which was HUGE in L.A. at the time and was making
>noise nationwide. "I wanna rock" used similar elements from
>"Life of the party" but focused on being a Jerk track, and he
>mentioned Jerkin on 3-4 songs on there. Tracks like "Pronto"
>were also his usual attempt at making a "hot" trendy song.
>Doggumentary: Similar to his previous albums, mixed it up with
>West Coast album cuts along with trendy attempts for singles,
>mainly in "Wet" "Boom" and "Platinum." Some songs felt
>straight from Tha Eastsidaz era, such as "Wonder what it do"
>"We rest in Cali" "El Lay" and even "This Weed iz mine."
>Tracks like "Gangbang rookie" showed that hybrid East-West
>type production that he's used a few times such as on "Ups and
>downs" from R&G.