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Topic subjectinvincible, blood on the dancefloor, and maybe HIStory.
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2671658, invincible, blood on the dancefloor, and maybe HIStory.
Posted by Joe Corn Mo, Fri Mar-09-12 04:33 PM
"heaven can wait" is one of the best songs he ever did.
same goes for "break of dawn."

"butterflies" wasn't ever released as a (proper) single.
it would've blown if there was some weight behind it.

"morphine" from "blood on the dancefloor" definitely qualifies.
i love "ghosts" and "is it scary" as well,
although i don't know that they shoudl have bene singles.

and as for HIStory, "smile" very well may be the hightlight
of the entire album. seriously, it's that good.