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Topic subjectRE: not sure about some of this
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Posted by Joe Corn Mo, Fri Mar-09-12 03:06 PM
>agreed its worth checking, but no mention of "can you feel
>as an HBCU grad I'm obligated to mention that song is great

oh yeah. i was typing fast and i had to break out for lunch.
plus, i was assuming most folks knew that record.

>>"heartbreak hotel" you know,
>"this place"?

it depends on which copy of the album you have.
the original title was "heartbreak hotel."
but the elvis folks made some kind of stink about the title,
so it was changed to "this place hotel" on subsequest reissues.

the copy i have has "this place hotel" printed on the album jacket,
but "heartbreak hotel" printed on the actual record label.

>earth song is the oddest mix of cheese and jammin ever. by the
>time the choir part starts he has taken that song to someplace
>powerful. i'd argue it is better than "man in the mirror" and
>more effective in the "anthemic-michael" group

i agree 100 percent. the video for earth song
had me on the verge of tears when i saw it in HD.
and the "this is it" version is amazing.

that's why i said most... "earth song" is just it.

especially when i get to the bridge.

>>>it's more consistent than bad,
>>but nothing on it is as great as OTW.
>"remember the time", "in the closet", maybe even "Jam" would
>disagree as begin at least equal to some of the weaker OTW
>songs ("get on the floor", "burn this disco out",

get on the floor is my jam forever.
i love remember the time, but nah...

i will admit some stuff on dangerous
is better than girlfriend, but i love me some OTW.

it's my favorite album of all time,
which is saying a lot. lol