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Topic subjectnot sure about some of this
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2671614, not sure about some of this
Posted by Selah, Fri Mar-09-12 02:32 PM
>b/c all the best material was released as a single.

i dunno about this - something abotu it feel wrong. i'mma go check

>but i will encourage folks to check out "triumph" which
>is a jacksons album he released that appears to be forgotten

agreed its worth checking, but no mention of "can you feel it"?

as an HBCU grad I'm obligated to mention that song is great

>"heartbreak hotel" you know,

"this place"?

>also, most of the save the world songs
>he released aside from "man in the mirror" are pretty

earth song is the oddest mix of cheese and jammin ever. by the time the choir part starts he has taken that song to someplace powerful. i'd argue it is better than "man in the mirror" and more effective in the "anthemic-michael" group

the problem was were were tired of "save the world songs" and that one got caught int he backlash

...and thats not even to get into "they don't really care about us" and how it pissed off certain power brokers leading (i believe) directly to his career downfall

>it's more consistent than bad,
>but nothing on it is as great as OTW.

"remember the time", "in the closet", maybe even "Jam" would disagree as begin at least equal to some of the weaker OTW songs ("get on the floor", "burn this disco out", "girlfriend")