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Topic subjectit sounds like hes smiling when hes on the drums
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2580114, it sounds like hes smiling when hes on the drums
Posted by GumDrops, Sun Jul-31-11 04:21 PM
hes got a lot of personality. hes not afraid to do unusual sounding stuff. he sounds really playful and theres something almost childlike about his drumming (not like meg white) that i cant quite put my finger on. his drumming actually reminds me a bit of princes (if you listen to stuff like new position or cloreen bacon skin). they sound like guys who obv arent 24/7 drummers but still know their way around a kit so when they do do it it sounds 'fresh'. i think this also lets them do stuff that normal drummers might stay away from doing. theyre good but not 'experts' in a way that someone who spends all their time behind a set of drums would be.

edit - actually i think him and prince both manage to sound really spontaneous when they do live drum tracks. maybe they dont do millions of takes as drummers which is what gives it that 'first take' feel but they do generally turn in really lively performances (thinking esp of albums like where im coming from in particular).