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2579564, RE: yeah and i agree.
Posted by murph71, Fri Jul-29-11 05:31 PM
>except i think he does have a voice on a couple instruments.

He has a voice on three instruments...

Drumming (or drum programming)

Rhythm guitar (he's probably the best of his generation in this department....From "Sexy Dancer" to "Controversy" to even "Musicology"...He is fluid in that regard...)

Keyboards/Piano (it's all in the cold sounding "Prince" chords....)

The irony is in the last decade Prince has become a better lead guitarist...His tone no longer is just a nod to Santana as it was in the '80s and much of the '90s....It's gotten much more harder....

And yeah...Stevie is a FUCKING BEAST on drums....I still get a kick out of seeing him in that making of Songs In The Key of Life special...