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Topic subjectOk AFKAP AKA DL Prince Enthusiast lol....
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2579500, Ok AFKAP AKA DL Prince Enthusiast lol....
Posted by Harlepolis, Fri Jul-29-11 03:13 PM
Given his paranoia and the goonies he sends to folks, I can't seem to find the clips in youtube, but listen to them on your own later.

Drums: Tambourine - He was channeling Sheila E. on this one.

Guitar: Bambi(The Undertaker version - from 1993) - To me, this is his most outrageous guitar solo ever. Its a shame this whole session is a bootleg because the whole thing showcased what an underrated guitarist he is. I'd say his finest hour as far as guitar soloing was during the 93-94 years.

Bass: She's Always In My Hair. Its way down in the bottom and as much as I love D's version, I'm afraid he didn't capture the bass fire. Some outrageous basslines are scattered all over The Camille & Black albums too.

Rhythm guitar: ALL of his 80s extended versions. Although I'm not sure whether he's the one playing in the beginning of Hello or Wendy.