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Topic subjectWhat do you mean 'one at a time'?
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2579264, What do you mean 'one at a time'?
Posted by AFKAP_of_Darkness, Fri Jul-29-11 10:12 AM
>Am I tripping or did I once read that Stevie records his drum
>parts one at a time like Leon Sylvers did?

Do you mean he plays each piece of the drum ensemble separately?

That is totally insane.

>My favorite Steve on the drums moments
>He's Misstra Know It All (the long fade it brilliant)

oh yeah.... sends chills up my spine every time I hear that!


I really love his drumming from this era, just straight-ahead Motown groove, no frills.

>Buttercup (assuming it's him on the J5 version. Sheesh)

I don't know if that's him but it certainly sounds like his style, though somewhat more stripped down and straightforward than what I expect from Stevie.

>Blame It On The Sun

Yeah, those drums are so moody and reflective. Stevie is one of the few drummers who I feel actually conveys as much emotion through his drums as he does through his vocals or his performance on melodic instruments.

>That Girl

That might have been the first song that I remember really noticing Stevie's drumming on... and coincidentally enough, according to ?uest, it was the last song he actually played live on.

>Superstition (he talked about getting out of pocket and not
>correcting it during mixing.)

His early 1970s LPs have quite a few moments like that, which is what makes them sound so joyous and spontaneous 40 years later.

>Knocks Me Off My Feet (the hi-hat on this is the 8th wonder of
>the world, no pun.)

This was my favorite Stevie Wonder drum performance for years. It was the one that made me realize that just because you're singing a midtempo or a ballad, doesn't mean your drums shouldn't kick like fuck! (Al Jackson's performance on Al Green's records was my further education in this concept)