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2610446, co-sign
Posted by CinisterCee, Mon Oct-03-11 11:36 PM
from http://www.avclub.com/articles/volume-34-june-2010,56486/

>“OMG” feels unmistakably like an endgame. In keeping with Will.iam’s
>mission to destroy/subvert pop music from within, it is the product of
>two men mad with the furtive knowledge that the public will embrace
>anything they release, no matter how transparently ridiculous and
>insulting it might be. And releasing a single called “OMG” with
>Will.i.am is as insulting and ridiculous as you can get.


>Usher and Will.i.am broadcast their contempt for everyone and
>everything with their dispirited delivery of couplets like “Honey got
>a booty like pow pow pow / Honey’s got some boobies like wow oh wow.”
>These are grown men that wrote that song, men with families and homes
>and mortgages, men who command respect in their communities through
>virtue of their money and power alone. These professional musicians
>have a powerful forum to communicate their ideas. Instead, they chose
>to write the lyric “Honey got some boobies like wow oh wow.”