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Topic subjectY'all ain't gonna like this....... but I'm sorry Aaliyah's catalog.......
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2550889, Y'all ain't gonna like this....... but I'm sorry Aaliyah's catalog.......
Posted by OldPro, Thu May-19-11 05:36 PM
... ain't all that strong.

Truthfully I'm not sure it's better than Keyshia Cole's up to this point. Yeah Keyshia has dropped 4 albums to Aaliyah's 3 but she has done that in 5 years where as Aaliyah took 7 for 3.

Does Aaliyah have a few classic cuts? No doubt... but her albums aren't all that strong really. Now don't get me wrong I don't think Keyshia is making great albums either but I think she has just as many good tracks as Baby Girl does. There has been a lot of revisionism since Aaliyah's death. I know for a fact that "One in a Million" wasn't being called a 4 1/2 star album (as Allmusic.com has it now) when it dropped. Solid album... yeah but gtfoh saying that shit is a half star away from perfect.

What really drove this home for me was when I was listening to that compilation album "I Care 4 U" that dropped right after her passing. I realized that everything you need from her is right there on that best of joint.... even at that the track list was padded because truthfully she don't have enough cuts over 3 albums to really do it up right.

So in summation, Aaliyah was a beautiful girl who died a tragic death but as an artist she isn't nearly as special as some folks want to make her out to be.

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