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Topic subjectFinally got my mothafuckin copy.
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2547190, Finally got my mothafuckin copy.
Posted by Brew, Wed May-11-11 09:18 AM
And this shit is great. Just completed my first listen through and I love it. Only song I could say "eh" about was "Poppin". Otherwise, this shit is damn near flawless. I'm also all set with Bizzy in any regard, but I liked both songs he was on despite him, so he didn't ruin it for me. Just could do without him, basically.

Question, who is Quik dissing in "The End?"? I'm @ work so I can't really turn it up and focus like I want to but he kinda rushes through the line anyway...it's something like "old bitch ass n*gga ____ said he never heard of me..." or some shit. Who's he talkin about?

Killer Dope...the title speaks for itself. This fool just doesn't make wack music.