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2540227, We are right ><
Posted by OldPro, Thu Apr-21-11 10:39 AM
>there are two tracks I'm "whatever" about: "Babylon" and
>"Across The Map"; strangely, both of those incorporated that
>blasted "Kanye" sawtooth lead that's popular nowadays, and
>both featured Bizzy Bone. Quik seemed a lil offbeat on the
>first, and the second just seemed like a weird gumbo of a

The same 2 I don't care for

>but everything else? SHEEEEEEEEEEEEIT. "Fire and Brimstone"
>took it back to GOOD OL' LOS ANGELES RAP MUSIC. I'm talking
>about, pre-G-Funk, some ol' CMW style shit. If that had some
>Aladdin-style cuts that would definitely be perfect. I could
>hear MC Eiht on that beat.
>and right after that, "Do Today" is dope. Kind of makes me
>think of The Family's "Screams of Passion", strangely enough.

I thought it was supposed to sound like Screams.... dude even name checks Prince on there. I let Silky hear it and the first thing he picked out with the linn and the fact it sounded like SOP.

>Lots of good stuff on this record, and though it took 10 000
>years to reach it, the closing "Groove" was the shit. Love
>that Chick Corea-sounding lead (not to mention the Chick-esque
>lines being played) and the rhythm guitar.

I hate the fact that groove is a hidden track.... looks like I'm going to be doing some file editing.

>Now as for Quik's rhyming? LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL @ "Ghetto
>Rendezvous" and double LOL @ "Poppin". Was he dissin' Dr. Dre
>on the latter? Said his name, and then threw a slick "Detox"
>line in there.
>I tell you what. 20 years, Quik has YET to drop a wack album.
>How many can say that? He kinda reminds me of Redman, but when
>Redman had Malpractice to break up the streak.

Yeah dude has been pretty solid but it's been a minute since he dropped something this good.
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