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Topic subjectstarts out with a bang, ends with a stone cold groove.
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2540065, starts out with a bang, ends with a stone cold groove.
Posted by Dr Claw, Wed Apr-20-11 08:06 PM
there are two tracks I'm "whatever" about: "Babylon" and "Across The Map"; strangely, both of those incorporated that blasted "Kanye" sawtooth lead that's popular nowadays, and both featured Bizzy Bone. Quik seemed a lil offbeat on the first, and the second just seemed like a weird gumbo of a beat.

but everything else? SHEEEEEEEEEEEEIT. "Fire and Brimstone" took it back to GOOD OL' LOS ANGELES RAP MUSIC. I'm talking about, pre-G-Funk, some ol' CMW style shit. If that had some Aladdin-style cuts that would definitely be perfect. I could hear MC Eiht on that beat.

and right after that, "Do Today" is dope. Kind of makes me think of The Family's "Screams of Passion", strangely enough.

Lots of good stuff on this record, and though it took 10 000 years to reach it, the closing "Groove" was the shit. Love that Chick Corea-sounding lead (not to mention the Chick-esque lines being played) and the rhythm guitar.

Now as for Quik's rhyming? LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL @ "Ghetto Rendezvous" and double LOL @ "Poppin". Was he dissin' Dr. Dre on the latter? Said his name, and then threw a slick "Detox" line in there.

I tell you what. 20 years, Quik has YET to drop a wack album. How many can say that? He kinda reminds me of Redman, but when Redman had Malpractice to break up the streak.