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Topic subjectI feel the same.
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2540024, I feel the same.
Posted by Dr Claw, Wed Apr-20-11 05:27 PM
>I don't know, there's not a single album of his that I don't
>like, but I'd say that Way 2 Fonky is the one I listen to the
>least...and even that had some CLAAAAAAAAAASSIC tracks. I
>think "Mo pussy" is better than "Sweet Black pussy."
>Trauma didn't have any wack songs to me at all, and everything
>on there fit. Only knock is it kept the same vibe and
>instrumentation throughout the album.

though by way of "Jus Lyke Compton", I listen to Way2Fonky a whole lot more than I think I do. I think Under Tha Influence is kind of underrated, though. The first time I heard it, I had to rewind (because I wasn't reading the liners, I just put in the CD) and was like... "WTF, Kweli is on this?". I forgot they were working together around that time.