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Topic subjectThere's a Best Buy where the Tower used to be.
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2539631, There's a Best Buy where the Tower used to be.
Posted by Brew, Tue Apr-19-11 07:27 PM
I used to chill there all the time when my buddy worked for Junior Seau, cause Junior's place was right above that Best Buy, so I spent a lot of time in that BB.

And yea Newbury is still going semi-strong. There's like 3 or 4 that I can think of, obviously the one on Newbury St. but there's one from my hometown in Central MA, as well as a couple in the area I work in New Hampshire. Newbury has lost it's indie-edge over the years tho. Was shocked and disappointed to find that Blu & Exile's album wasn't available there even when it first came out; they used to specialize in having albums like that.