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Topic subjectRE: Haha same here. Funny tho cause...
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2539601, RE: Haha same here. Funny tho cause...
Posted by Bombastic, Tue Apr-19-11 06:28 PM
>Doggystyle itself was pretty damn long, 19 tracks if you got
>it early enough (which I did thankfully), it's just that damn
>good it doesn't FEEL that long.

but it was only around 50 minutes while being completely overseen by Dre (and 5/6 of those tracks were skits/interludes).

I think every album Snoop has made since has been a good 20-25 minutes longer & much more schizo in terms of the feel.
>Doggumentary was really good for the most part, tho.

agreed, I've cooled on it a bit though after bumping it hard for a minute whereas Raekwon's album is still holding steady.

Looking forward to copping the Quik joint after work & banging that on my way to the gym then home later.