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2532928, Great post....
Posted by denny, Fri Apr-01-11 01:47 AM
I had a good laugh too. Here....I'll prove it to you.....hohoho.

I think you (or someone else) mentioned 'Smells like Teen Spirit'. If you look at what accompanied it in the top 10 of that time....it's undeniable.

What about Average White Band's 'Pick up the Pieces'? An instrumental funk song that hit #1? I suppose you could suggest that the disco era had paved the way for such a thing to happen....but I'll still say it's a lone wolf.

Here's one that always annoyed me....but how bout 'My Sharona' by the Knack? I think it came out around 78/79 or so. Power pop was not exactly the in thing at that time.

Someone else mentioned Queen and i think they got a few to their name. 'Crazy little thing called love' was an elvis throwback in a time that elvis was not cool.

The dreaded 'Macarena' needs a mention.