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Topic subjecttea chest bass, though, man?
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2532572, tea chest bass, though, man?
Posted by lonesome_d, Thu Mar-31-11 01:25 PM
even if it IS on there, my point is: listen to that song, and it at least sounds fairly standard, instrumentation-wise at least. You can barely hear the banjo, and I can't pick out any identifiable accordion.

>You need to listen to their full albums (lol) and watch some
>live footage. They were hardcore with their shit!

I actually have a CDR of Young Soul Rebels in my car that a friend burned a gave to me last fall. Haven't gotten around to listening to it, though.

>Actually, an even more atypical "hit" (I think it was a
>moderate one) came from a Dexy's spinoff group called Blue Ox
>I think this is pretty oddball for 1988:

Read about ;em. I'll try to check it out.