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Topic subjectokay, I just watched the video to refresh my memory
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2532472, okay, I just watched the video to refresh my memory
Posted by lonesome_d, Thu Mar-31-11 11:43 AM
1. Aside from the opening fiddle line, the fiddles occupy the role of the string section, which was not far outdated in 1982;

2. The banjo's generally inaudible; I have my doubts that a real banjo was actually used on the song, since the 'banjo solo' sounds more like a pre-Midi-fied banjo synth effect. I did find a live performance that wasn't lip-synched and uses a banjo though so I guess it was really used.

3. The video also shows accordion and tea-chest bass, neither of which are audible on the song as well and likely weren't rreally used.

In other words, the trappings that were atypical of the time were just that - trappings, visual aids rather than musical ones, at least in the final product.