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Topic subjectThe Girl from Ipanema (1964)
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2532407, The Girl from Ipanema (1964)
Posted by lonesome_d, Thu Mar-31-11 10:51 AM
We tend to think of the '60s, especially once the British Invasion had begun, firmly as the domain of Rock, Soul, and maybe girl groups and bubblegum.

So in the midst of Beatlemania, how bizarre was it for this tune sung partly in Portuguese to take over the world?

I'm having a hard time finding accurate chart positions for it but there's no denying its lasting impact and the short-lived bossa-nova craze it kicked off.

I attribute its success partly to its AOR appeal, appeal to the same crowd that was still rocking Nat King Cole and maybe Tennessee Ernie Ford records... the style is not at all the same but it fit neatly into an Easy Listening type of setting.

One thing I don't know is whether the same stations that were playing the pop songs of the day for teens were also playing this. Anyone have insight?