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Topic subjectYep, in the history of mankind!
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2531575, Yep, in the history of mankind!
Posted by Brew, Wed Mar-30-11 07:46 AM
I stand by that statement. Snoop was out of his element. He didn't belong on those BBTP beats at all, and 98% of the music was forced and corny. It's like...BBTP tried to take their bass heavy southern shit and make it sound "west coast", and Snoop tried to take his lazy west coast drawl and make it sound "southern" and what resulted was an absolute shitshow mess of an album that should have never ever seen the light of day.

Add to that the pen and pixel album cover and I puked while buying it. Album sucks.

I mean yea at the time you probly liked it better than Doggfather but think about it, do you ever listen to any one song off that album ever? If you can name one joint that you still throw on to this day on some "that's my shit!" I'll be impressed/disappointed (you know what I'm saying). I have Snoop's ENTIRE catalogue (including 213, Eastsidaz albums, Murder Was the Case, even the internet only CD for Smokefest World Tour released while he was a free agent), besides Da Game...because I snapped that shit in half a year or so after buying it. Just a miserable blemish on an otherwise pretty damn good career like you and I both outlined. Utterly unlistenable album. And by the way it sounds as if we agree about this so I'm not arguing so much as I'm just reiterating how bad it was.

By the way...you forgot Press Play from Ego Trippin! Best song on that whole shit. But yes that album was otherwise fully disappointing.