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2530159, listening now...
Posted by jimaveli, Sat Mar-26-11 11:13 AM
>no posts on that doggumentary? this might be his best album
>since blue carpet treatment

Man...I'm early on, but the first thing that jumps out...these tracks go hard. Mixing "Oh Honey" with "Dirty Lowdown"? Hell yeah.

All Snoop has to show up and not ruin most of these songs. And his writers have been on the ball lately. Sad times, but hey...

And yeah...like everyone says, there's gonna be 5 stinkers because the albums are wild long. Its crazy to think that he has 100 or so songs or more per album session. I shudder to think what type of jams exist from the R&G and Blue Carpet sessions that we'll never hear.

Oh...Jeezy IS alive. Where in the blue hell is TM103? I like Ross more than a lot, but damn...the CO couldn't be indirectly messing up Jeezy's stroke at DJ that bad, right? Trap or Die 2 got dope album-level spins from me.