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2524714, *sigh*
Posted by AFKAP_of_Darkness, Sun Mar-13-11 10:00 PM
>>Meanwhile, people who are much more versed on these things
>>than you and I maintain that the Jacksons DID write it.
>Haven't heard anyone insisting that yet.

Go look at some Jacksons-oriented books and websites then. I find that it's always helpful to acquaint oneself with the available research before pronouncing one's conclusion as definitive truth.

>I'm not a researcher but I have ears. We could break down
>'Running and pushing' right now but it's gonna take awhile
>cause that song is pretty complicated. No proof that the J5
>wrote that song except for a promotional record that listed
>them as songwriters.

And no proof that they DIDN'T write it except for the fact that YOU say so.

Neither one of them is necessarily solid ground upon which to build one's house but guess which one I might put slightly more faith in?

>And we have heard J5 written material from later years.
>Nothing like that.

Yeah... Did you factor in your calculation that the later material you heard came from a completely different era that demanded songs in a different style?

>>Dude. No disrespect, but you're white, right?
>Why is this question disrespectful? I'm white. Just
>happening to be listening to the Strokes right now.

Yep! That shole is white!

But I hate bringing people's race or any personal information at all into the equation when discussing music because it implies prejudice.

But in this case, we're not talking about music at all and I just REFUSE to discuss "thickness" with white boys. Because in my experience, you guys are just not wired to understand it.

When I was in college, I found that no matter how "down" a white guy was, no matter how much hip-hop he lived and breathed, no matter how fluent ebonics he spat, when it came down to discuss "thickness" he'd be like "Uh... so, uh, it's like... you guys like fat chicks, right?"

Of course, it's been like a decade since I was in college and society has progressed considerably in that time: there's much more interracial socializing than in the 1990s, we've seen the ascension of J-Lo and Kim Kardashian as beauty icons and the rise of authentic crossover porn like EBT and BTRA. So a lot more white guys have come to genuinely appreciate "thickness."

But I find that (for the most part) they still can't comprehend the subtleties of it. They can see it when it is exaggerated and emphasized but they have no understanding of it on the micro level. There ARE exceptions to that, of course. And I am proud to call them members of my community.

It's clear to me that you're not one of those, though. You just don't get it and you won't get it... so please let's not even discuss it.

You think those girls are not thick? Fine... have it your way; I won't even try to argue or explain it to you.