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Topic subjectLOL You're Gonna Have To Stop Associating Me With..
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2524707, LOL You're Gonna Have To Stop Associating Me With..
Posted by Harlepolis, Sun Mar-13-11 09:37 PM
With those "orgers", and start believing that I'm indeed harmless. Anyway you two, I respectfully but strongly disagree, I don't see it.

Marvin's lyrical approach is subtle in comparison to the more constructed Norman Whitfields, Holland-Dozier-Hollands, Barret Strongs and Smokey Andersons, but he was as and sometimes - dare I say it - more profound than them, otherwise you can't explain to me how he touched a nerve with the public, he spoke about tangible things, whereas those guys fed the escapism before "Whats Going On" and suddenly changed their method after its success and the Funkadelic/Sly Stone invasion. I think Berry's nervousness stemmed from his short sightedness and fear that good ol' white folks would give Motown the raised eyebrow, I don't think Marvin's song writing was the issue, the album's militant overtones were the issue.

Being a bully, he only reacted to confrontations from both Marvin & Stevie. He didn't give a crap about "Music From My Mind" and when he heard the results of "Talking Book" he wasn't impressed either. It took some manipulation from Stevie's end to give Berry the illusion that other labels are giving offers, and the inevitable reaction he got from the radio to finally get him on board.

Ironically, it was Stevie ALONE who carried the label on his back when everybody jumped ship shortly before Berry resigned from the CEO position.