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Topic subjectI love the authority with which you state all this.
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2524694, I love the authority with which you state all this.
Posted by AFKAP_of_Darkness, Sun Mar-13-11 09:01 PM
>Not really, except if your suggesting these are the only songs
>that showcase the songwriting of the J5. Is that what we're
>saying here? Finally, we can hear stuff that the J5 wrote?
>If so, you guys are taking the record credits too seriously.
>That was promotions.

Meanwhile, people who are much more versed on these things than you and I maintain that the Jacksons DID write it.

Do you have any evidence to buttress your proclamation here or are you just assuming shit and presenting it as fact like you did in that Fela/James Brown thread?

>And you must be the guy who said those girls were thick.
>Really? Those girls are skinny.

Dude. No disrespect, but you're white, right?

Just leave it alone... You don't know what the word "thick" means in African-American argot and you're probably culturally ill-equipped to ever understand it and/or the concept the word describes.