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Topic subjectyou're misunderstanding me.
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2524685, you're misunderstanding me.
Posted by AFKAP_of_Darkness, Sun Mar-13-11 08:20 PM
You're saying these songs probably were not written by J5 because they have musical features not present on J5 records.

But J5 didn't WRITE the J5 records... so comparing those songs to songs they supposedly DID write is kinda moot, no?

I think it's odd that you feel pretty confident proclaiming that the Jackson 5 were not songwriters. How do you know that? They had been agitating for Motown to let them write their own stuff, so obviously they must have had some material they were working on.

And trust me, white boy... you don't know nothing about no "thick." I live in that universe; I don't know which one you live in.