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Topic subjectRE: Anybody Who Doesn't Understand Dirty Was A Great MC Can Eat A Dick
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2715796, RE: Anybody Who Doesn't Understand Dirty Was A Great MC Can Eat A Dick
Posted by Original Juice, Mon Jul-02-12 03:35 PM
Thank you.

Dirty was ripping shit up.

Not sure where all these bullshit Waka Flocka and Lil B comparisons are coming from.. really not even the same thing at all.

I wouldn't be mad if they compared him to Pac (even though that's not entirely accurate either) because not only did he have the personality/charisma/hypeness/brashness.. but he could actually rhyme and flow and rock the mic live.

He is truly in another category.. Lil B and Waka disguise/hide their lack of pure emcee skills behind the wall of hypeness/charisma they project.. Nothing against either of them as they have some cool songs and do some interesting stuff, but Dirty enhanced his skills with the charisma thing.. He was obviously bored with straight up rhyming bars and had to take it to some other place with the music. He actually made the r&b/pop songs he spit on edgier and more listenable (Mariah, SWV, Ghetto Superstar, etc.).

No East Coast/Real Hip Hop bias here either. I'm from northern Cali.

"Cuttin Headz"