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Topic subjectI'm not sure why people still try to debate that,the pre-Forever solos
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2501715, I'm not sure why people still try to debate that,the pre-Forever solos
Posted by Bombastic, Mon Feb-07-11 12:45 PM
>And here I mean the early ones of course. They're different
>because they were produced (entirely or largely) by RZA, and
>most if not all of the guests were other Wu members. They
>felt like a product of the same group, even though they had
>one MC's name on the cover. The early Wu solos are basically
>extensions of the Clan catalog to me. Later stuff like "Nigga
>Please," most of Meth's post-"Tical" shit, etc. don't count
>the same way - they are more conventional solo releases with
>fewer Wu cameos, less or no RZA production, a deliberately
>different and more eclectic aesthetic, and so on.

are Wu albums with one MC being featured, produced by The RZA (I think there might be five tracks over the course of all five of them total not done by him & they're done by one of his understudies like True Master or 4th Disciple), which was kind of a byproduct of having a collective of that size.

They're basically just different serial films done by the same director with the same ensemble cast.

I mean in talking about Liquid Swords RZA laughingly said 'GZA heard his album when it was done'.

Cuban Linx featured Ghost as a co-star with every other Wu MC at least appearing once, most more then once & even had songs on it Rae didn't appear on.

After the double-album the next phase came in letting each member "spread their wings" & the next wave was the result (for better or in many cases for worse) of that.