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Topic subjectI think the argument is not so much 'east coast' bias
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2501494, I think the argument is not so much 'east coast' bias
Posted by Dr Claw, Sun Feb-06-11 10:57 PM
but "era" bias. Like, the only reason we would like Ol' Dirty is because he came out (and was a success) in the '90s, the last age where you could be popular without being ever conventional. The whole "East Coast bias" thing is a part of it, but not all of it. It's rubbish anyway.

if Kaka Flocka Flame was from NYC... or rather, if he remained in NYC, and came out as a rapper under say, 50 Cent's wing, he'd still be rather flat in his attempt to be the new age "M.O.P."-type rapper. If he was from LA, and did the same, we'd be looking at him like "WTF".

and well, Lil B... dude is just weird. I don't expect cats that have been listening to rap forever to like dude.