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Topic subjectRE: Why not both?
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2501476, RE: Why not both?
Posted by Zarathuckya, Sun Feb-06-11 10:22 PM
>OKP makes their own rules so do what you must to
>make the Wu greater than they are.

Wu-Tang forever

>Lump all of the solos in as
>Wu albums

No but I'll lump them in as albums by memberS (emphasis on the S) of the Wu Tang Clan which while featuring one MC prominently still had other Wu Tang members all the hell over it.

You've got your boxes you're trying wrap around them but the way they did it doesn't quite match your boxes.

>because the albums weren't done under the Boot Camp tag. it
>was done by the groups (Black Moon, Smif-N-Wessun & Heltah

All those Wu albums had the Wu logo all over it, see my avatar for instance