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Topic subjectAll that and he still lacks what ODB had.
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2501191, All that and he still lacks what ODB had.
Posted by Ashley Ayers, Sun Feb-06-11 02:11 AM
The nigga has done some innovative shit. I'm not denying that.
That's all you pointed out here though. The style and charisma is not
seeing OBD on any level. I'll engage though.

>invented a genre of music,

Ask yourself what this "genre of "entails. Based music is the art of
not thinking about what you're saying if you want to even call that an
art. This is by his own admission. This is not a style. This is
pure laziness."
There's a reason people can recite the ENTIRE Brooklyn Zoo song.
Charisma and style bruh. Unique delivery. Lil B lacks it. Don't
get me wrong I was actually riding for this cat at one point but he
ain't seeing OBD.

>invented a glossary of slang

Inventing a glossary is language bruh. Urban dicionary>>> OBD?
Furthermore he doesn't deliver this slang in any unique way. I'm
cookin'. I say the shit the same way he does. Nothing special about
it. It's not like Snoop coming in the came with "Fo shizzle my
nizzle". That was style. Hell Trey Songz saying Yuuuup has more style
than Lil B and his "glossary of slang"

>invented an entire method of dancing,

I can't listen to his dancing. We talkin bout music. But I will give
you that as part of his style though. That's all he really truly has
in the way of style and it isn't even concerning his actual music.

>invented his own style of internet marketing

Oh right that makes him a musical genius! Jimmy Iovine is killin all
these niggas! I can't listen to his marketing either. We talkin
about style here my nigga.