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Topic subjectodd... i didn't expect those 2
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2432323, odd... i didn't expect those 2
Posted by howisya, Mon Sep-13-10 10:52 PM
they don't seem to go together other than we're two people who like both

>Bilal - 1st Born, 2nd - 2002


i've said this before elsewhere, but i only heard this album in full once and wasn't into it. i really like "reminisce" and the dre tracks, and "sometimes" *is* good but not as deep to me as it is to everyone else. i was familiar with bilal already from his features, but as a solo or album artist i didn't see what was so great. i guess i was like the general public in that regard. now 'love for sale' on the other hand was brilliant and made my tentative top 100. i haven't heard his one out today, but i look forward to it. if i heard '1st' again now, i'd probably like it a lot more than i did then.

>Madlib - Shades of Blue - 2003

excellent album, i love it, and the fact that i remembered it but didn't consider it strongly shows how many great albums were released in that decade by my standards at least

>Badu - Mama's Gun - 2000

great album, but i prefer '4th world war' and nearly included it in the 50. it's more to my sensibilities, but to each his or her own.